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Capital Air Balance, Inc., was established as an independent HVAC Test and Balance agency in 1994. The corporate office is based in Terry, Mississippi. In addition to its history of serving the state of Mississippi as the Magnolia State’s leading HVAC Test and Balance Agency, CAB has the capacity to perform testing and balancing to a wide area of service including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas.


The mission of Capital Air Balance, Inc. is to provide the highest level of quality workmanship, reliable reporting, and customer service to every client. We accomplish this with skilled, certified technicians who utilize state of the art equipment to maximize the performance and efficiency of all HVAC systems.

Capital Air Balance, Inc.’s reputation for quality and efficiency has enabled the company to be the preferred HVAC Test and Balance Agency in the state of Mississippi.

In addition to standard bid market projects, the company evaluates, tests, and adjusts ventilation systems in healthcare facilities that require certification for state code compliance. Capital Air Balance is qualified to perform a wide range of technical services which include:

  • air change and room pressurization certifications
  • indoor air quality testing
  • sound and vibration tests
  • consultation and assistance in the design of duct and piping systems in regard to test and balance requirements
  • duct pressure testing to ensure that the building owner has the most energy efficient HVAC system possible
  • room particle counts as well as temperature and humidity recorded readings

Capital Air Balance has sufficient staff and resources to handle the workload peaks without sacrificing quality or adversely affecting other ongoing projects. At CAB, we feel we are large enough to provide competitive, expeditious service, yet small enough to care about the complete satisfaction of our clients. We are optimistic in looking forward to the future and all the opportunities and challenges it will bring.